The Used Car Inspectors

At Devon Auto Support we know how daunting it is buying a used car and how much of a financial burden it can be if your new car doesn't live up to its expectations. We specialise in providing used car inspections for all cars and vans, whatever your budget. Whether your purchasing a cheap daily run about or your dream car, we have the solution.

Basic Inspection

Our basic inspection package is designed for those purchasing a car on a budget, where safety is a priority. This inspection focuses on safety related items and mechanical nature. we also carry out a comprehensive history check to ensure the vehicle hasn't been an insurance loss, scrapped or has outstanding finance.

Items checked within this inspection are:

  • Seat belts front and rear
  • Mirrors interior and exterior
  • Windows front and rear
  • Wipers front and rear
  • Horn
  • Seats: adjustment, mounting and general condition
  • Dashboard lights
  • Interior lights
  • Exterior lights
  • Under bonnet levels and fluid condition
  • Battery condition, mounting and connections
  • Drive belt tension and condition
  • Engine / gearbox mounts
  • All pipes and hoses
  • Bonnet and boot operation
  • Door operation
  • Central locking operation
  • Suspension condition
  • Exhaust condition
  • Brake condition and operation
  • Tyres: pressure, depth and condition
  • Wheel nut torque
  • Fuel cap operation
  • Spare wheel and tools
  • Road test: Instruments, clutch, gear change, steering alignment, windscreen washer operation
  • Check for fluid leaks

Premium Inspection

Our premium inspection provides additional reassurance for those facing a higher financial commitment. This inspection includes everything within the basic inspection, plus the following:

  • Check interior condition (wear, damage and stains)
  • Check operation of all accessory systems (radio, heating, A/C, cruise control etc) 
  • Check paintwork condition
  • Check for any signs of previous body damage / repairs
  • Battery, Start and charge system test
  • Cooling system pressure test
  • Full check of service history
  • Check timing belt interval and history
  • Diagnostic scan of available systems

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